Flight School

Approved organization for helicopter flight training IT-ATO-0091

Certified EASA Part-ORA/AMC/GM Subpart ATO Part-FCL/AMC/GM Subpart C-D-J-H

A rich history of training

SKYAVIATION (IT. ATO.0091) carries out flight school activities for the achievement of the PPL Private Pilot license, Commercial Pilot Licence CPL and  Airline Transport Pilot Licence ATPL and Helicopter Flight Instructor FI.

It also carries out Type Rating, Revalidation and Renewal for helicopters such as: Robinson R22, R44, AS350, SA315.

For over 15 years we have been training helicopter pilots. Nowadays our Pilots operate in various domains of Civil Aviation around the world, flying with the Pilot qualification, First Officer and Captain.

The helicopter used for training is the Robinson R22 Beta II, the world's most popular for school purposes, due to its high safety and cost efficient.

The proximity of the headquarters to the plain, hill, mountain, large cities (Turin, Milan), guarantees a varied and complete training, thus including the most important geographical and meteorological aspects.

A further training aspect is represented by the surrounding airports, easy to reach during the course, such as:

Albenga – Alessandria – Aosta - Casale Monferrato - Cuneo Levaldigi - Milano Bresso - Torino Aeritalia - Torino Caselle – Vercelli