HESLO types:

HESLO 1: short line, 20 meters (m) or less
HESLO 2: long line, more than 20 m
HESLO 3: specialized sling load, such as: logging, insulators and pullers, traverse mounting, spinning of fibre cable, ice and snow removal from power lines, sawing, geophysical surveys, cable laying onto the ground or into ditches, avalanche control, landslide control.
HESLO 4: Advanced sling load such as:

Tower erecting, wire stringing, disassembly of masts and towers

The underlying information refers only to HESLO 1.

Objective: to operate a helicopter equipped with rope ≤ 20 m (short line)


• CPL(H) or ATPL(H)
• PPL(H) only for non-commercial operations
• Minimum 10 hours PIC on type
• Type rating completed
• HESLO ground instruction completed
• Task specialist syllabus reviewed
• HESLO 1 flight instruction completed:
• Minimum 5 hours/50 HESLO cycles
• HESLO 1 flights under supervision completed
• Minimum experience 8 hours/80HESLO cycles/5 HESLO missions
• Minimum 300 hours PIC(H)
• HESLO 1 proficiency