SKY Aviation


Sky Aviation was born from the merge of Airstar Aviation and GMH Helicopter Services, well-known certified helicopter companies with many years of experience.

Airstar Aviation, founded in 2005, boasts a consolidated presence throughout Piedmont and in the Aosta Valley, as well as a branch in Greece and its own Flight School for the training of helicopter pilots. GMH Helicopter Services was born in Aosta Valley in 2012 and since then its activity in the Region and in the neighbouring areas has been constantly growing.

Sky Aviation is active in the transport of passengers as well as in the transport of material with barycentric hook in the North-West Alps. In these mountainous areas, the use of helicopters is essential for transportation to areas difficult to access by other means and is of fundamental support for the construction of public and private building, for the hydrogeological surveillance of the territory, for the supply of alpine shelters as well as for operations of Civil Protection.

 The desire to create a larger, more flexible and coordinated commercial reality, able to offer a highly widespread service on the territory and the belief that a single, more structured organization can respond better to current market needs led to the creation of Sky Aviation, whose main objective is to provide increasingly professional and specialized helicopter services.

 The staff employed in flight missions (pilots, technicians / maintenance personnel, ground personnel) has a very high and proven operational experience on the highest mountains in the Europe, considered one of the most complex and competitive scenarios of the sector.